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Rules and Regulations 2017

The Western Canadian Championships for minor ball hockey will be officially known as the "WESTERN CHALLENGE CUP".

The main objectives of the Western Challenge Cup Committee are as listed as follows:
a)  To organize a Western Canadian Minor ball hockey championship for leagues in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.
b)  To uphold and maintain the rules of the sport of ball hockey, as set out in the Rules & Regulations of the Canadian Ball Hockey Association.
c)  To ensure that these Western Championships are run in a fair manner, and that all member leagues respect the rules of this Western Challenge Cup Committee and the Canadian Ball Hockey Association.
d)  To foster amongst its members a general community spirit and fair sportsmanship.
A special committee will be in charge of organizing and administering the Western Challenge Cup. This committee will consist of a representative from every Minor ball hockey league in the western provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and a representative of the Canadian Ball Hockey Association. The group will select a chairman of this committee, and that person will be in charge of chairing meetings and making sure that communications go out to all Minor leagues.
Membership to the Western Challenge Cup committee will be open to all Minor leagues who operate in Western Canada, including British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.  All member leagues must also meet all membership terms stated in the Regulations of the Canadian Ball Hockey Association (section 2.1). The Canadian Ball Hockey Association will have final say on any membership issues. To participate in the Western Challenge Cup, all participating members must be registered with a CBHA approved ball hockey association, in good standing, in Canada.?The President of the participating Association must approve proof of good standing.

Every Minor league in Western Canada will have a minimum of 1 vote, and each league will be eligible to vote at all meetings of the Western Challenge Cup committee. The Chairman of the group will also have a vote, and will break any ties in voting. All voting will be done by a show of hands, unless otherwise requested by the Chairman. Each year, the entire group will decide which leagues are members of the group, and how many votes each league.

Western Challenge Cup Chairperson  1   Vote
Richmond Minor Ball Hockey Association (BC)  1   Vote
Metro Minor Ball Hockey Association (BC)  1  Vote
Surrey Minor Ball Hockey Association (BC)  1  Vote
Delta Minor Ball Hockey Association (BC)  1  Vote
Ridge Meadows Minor Ball Hockey Association (BC)  1  Vote
Valley Ball Hockey Association (BC)  1  Vote
Tri-City Minor Ball Hockey Association (BC)  1  Vote
Greater Victoria Minor Ball Hockey Association (BC)  1   Vote
Edmonton Minor Ball Hockey Association (AB)  2  Votes
Medicine Hat Minor Ball Hockey Association (AB)  1  Vote
Sherwood Park Minor Ball Hockey (AB)  1  Vote
Calgary Minor Ball Hockey Association (AB)  1  Vote 
CBHA – Minor Chair  1  Vote

Total Votes for 2015 would be 15
The Western Challenge Cup Committee will hold a General Meeting every year. The meeting will take place in late January or early February, and the actual date will be set at least 2 months prior to the scheduled date. For the purpose of courtesy, the meeting should shift back and forth between British Columbia and Alberta every year. Leagues should budget to send at least 1 representative to all meetings.  A second meeting may be held at the site of the Western Challenge Cup tournament, but that meeting will be more of an information session and update to all members’ leagues in attendance. The Chairman of the Committee will establish an agenda and distribute it to all members.

The Western Challenge Cup Committee, by a special resolution, may remove any individual or league from membership by a 2/3 majority vote. Cause for removal would include lack of attendance at meetings, violation of the C.B.H.A. Rulebook & Bylaws, or the Rules & Regulations of the Western Challenge Cup Committee, or any other act that may disgrace our group. The suspended member will be given written notice of termination and must turn over all documents that he/she may have within 48 hours of termination.

All suspensions of members, coaches, managers, or players must be voted upon by the entire Committee.  Any suspensions incurred in regular league play or Provincial tournament play that carries over to WCC, must be submitted in writing and forwarded to the WCC RIC prior to tournament start.  All member leagues agree to carry through on all suspensions and apply them to their own leagues. In regards to suspensions of coaches, managers, and players, all member leagues agree to carry these suspensions over to their own league. If a coach, manager, or player does not fully serve his/her penalty at the tournament, the duration of the suspension would be carried over to the local league.

In regards to voting on termination or any type of suspension, a Committee member or his/her league will not be allowed to vote on any matter pertaining directly to his/her team(s) or League. The Chairman will notify all members if an issue of conflict of interest should arise.

The Western Challenge Cup Committee can create any sub-committee as deemed necessary. Some suggestions for these sub-committees include a disciplinary committee, promotions committee, communications committee, and awards selection committee. The Chairman would chair all such sub-committees.

The Western Challenge Cup Committee will respect the privacy of all member leagues and their players. We will not release, sell, or trade any membership lists to any organization for any purpose. All documents will be shredded at the conclusion of the tournament. We are governed by FIOPP laws

All appeals and protests must go to the Committee of the Western Challenge Cup. All appeals and protests must be done in writing and submitted to the Committee Chairman along with $100. All decisions will be made by either all member leagues, or by a special Disciplinary Sub-Committee that may be created by all member leagues. The person submitting the appeal/protest will be notified in writing of the results. All decisions made will be final and will be respected by all member leagues. If the appeal is successful the team making the appeal will received $50.00 back. All appeals money received during the tournament will go to the WCC Host Committee.

A separate set of rules & guidelines will be established and followed in regards to the actual Western Challenge Cup Championships.  These rules and guidelines will be agreed upon by all member leagues at our General Meeting.  Host committee will update rules & regulations for the current year agreed upon by the member leagues at the general meeting. 
Shin pads are mandatory for the tournament.

A review of the Western Challenge Cup Rules & Regulations will be made every year at our General Meeting, and changes may be made by a majority vote of member leagues present at the meeting. All members may submit proposed changes, in writing, to the Chairman. Revised Rules & Regulations will be distributed to all member leagues within 30 days after the date of which the meeting was held.

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