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Posted on 07/16/2015
Welcome to the 2015 CBHA Western Challenge Cup!

As you can see, we have partnered with Playfullscreen to bring you broadcast games through out the 2015 WCC.

For upcoming WEBCAST games visit the webcast page - HERE

Here are the details of what will be offered:

43 of games in total will be broadcast online, 25 round robin games and 18 Playoff/Medal games

The round robin games will be broadcast as free to view.

All games will be archived. There will be a $4 fee to view any of these archives.

The playoffs and medal games will be broadcast as Pay per View at $8 per game.

DVDs of all games will be available and priced at:

  • One or two discs are $40 each (plus tax)
  • 3 discs are $35 each (plus tax)
  • 4 or 5 discs are $30 (plus tax)
  • 6 to 10 are $25 each (plus tax)
Note: If a viewer is buying 1 DVD at $40 and would like a copy of that same DVD, the copy is $10. This could work for a team, where the original DVD is priced at $40 and all subsequent copies are at $10 (so a 15 player team would pay $40 x1 and 14 x $10 for a total of $180 + tax and shipping to one address)

Shipping of DVDs is additional, in some cases shipping as waived as an incentive for early bird purchases.

Order forms can be found here:

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